Saturday 25 August 2012

Help Wanted

It's time to start thinking seriously about getting some help.
Those of you who know me are probably saying,
"It's about time!".
But I'm talking about help here on the homestead.

As each year passes, we have been piling on the progress.
We're proud of what we have accomplished.
But the goals are edging further ahead of our capabilites.
The pace is unsustainable.

The daily needs of the animals alone saps a considerable portion of the day.
I have time saving solutions prepared,
but I need some time to get those solutions working.
The days are just too short.

I often wish for two of me,
though most people agree that one is plenty.

There are no real time management issues.
Just goals and deadlines that have evolved from ambitious,
to virtually impossible.

Hiring someone is out of the question,
since the homestead is not generating much income.
But I'm hoping to entice some volunteers.
Folks who would trade labour for experience.

First, there is the WWOOFER program.
Worldwide Opportunities on Organic Farms.
The program matches workers with farmers,
with the goal of helping the farmers accomplish their work,
while giving much needed experience to aspiring farmers.

The second is HelpX.
It's a similar set of listings that is geared more towards working travellers.
Short term room and board are offered in exchange for labour;
not necessarily farm work.

Another option would be to look for volunteers without the use of a listing service.
Or, high school students who need their community service hours.

We may have pursued this sooner had we some accomodations ready.
Our home is fairly small, with no extra bedrooms.
The plan is to build a bunkie to house guests or workers,
but that too is subject to time restraints.
Plan B is to prepare some campsites with wooden platforms and roofing
for tents.
That too, however, needs to be have the time accounted for,
regardless of the simplicity.

I haven't yet decided if my goals are unreasonable.
It could be impatience.
Now that I am working here full-time,
I figured there would be more than enough time to get everything done.
And though the progress shows,
the list of things to do grows.

The most frustrating part of the day is when I am all geared up to attack a major project,
but before I begin, the basic chores must be done.
The chores are really very simple, and can be meditative,
but I'm chomping at the bit to get working on whatever has been earmarked for the day.

I remember a line in a farming book that was addressing the deep-litter method of animal housing.
It suggested that the system was essentially developed by farmers who just couldn't keep up.
And there I am.
I wonder if I'll invent anything?


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