Friday 10 August 2012

...and the Flavour!

This is the time of year that we have looked forward to.
Once we had sworn off imported vegetables, the pickings became a little more than just slim.
But the colourful vegetables in the supermarket hide the trail of destruction that bring them here.
We would have to wait for harvest.

Unfortunately, this isn't our own harvest.
We haven't set ourselves up to grow long season produce yet.
The local farmer's markets are just now beginning to bring us locally grown, organic foods.
And oh my, we are thankful.

The wait is always worth it.
The colours and shapes.
The freshness and flavour, and did I mention flavour?
There is precious little that is as fulfilling as great food.

Between now and the first killing frost, there will be amazing vegetables to eat.
We will do all we can to put extra away for Winter,
but it will be just as important to savour the moment
and keep some of that memory for the dark dark days.

Now, if I can get the aquaponics plan working,
we can have food like this all year long.
I think it's worth the effort.
Don't you?


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