Saturday 4 May 2013

Spring Release

As cozy as our home is in Winter,
we all grow tired of too much indoor time.

Winter is quiet and beautiful,
but is heavy to bear for so long.

The children grow restless as Winter fun turns weary.
They want to run and play.

Auren is an aspiring snake hunter.
He gets that from both sides of the family.

Already a master frogger,
he seeks the thrill of a good chase.

Dashing through a shallow pond he makes the catch.
And beams like his hero Austin Stevens.

The plants and trees grow vigorously in the warmth and sun.
But so do the children.

Open space and new experiences.
Hours of relentless play.

So quickly.
You can watch them grow.

The kids need us to care for them.
They need us to love them.

But more than that,
they yearn to prove themselves.

Mother and Father.
Both mentor and playmate

Close to home.
Close to Nature.

Proving ground.


A child of God, is not a pious disciple.
But is immersed in the All.

To bend in the wind.
To flow with the water.

At peace with the land.
Our Eden.



  1. Oooh lovely, absolutely lovey! Spring is rebirth for all of us isn't it? Hope your crew is keeping well up there!
    Mel ;o)
    needle and nest

    1. Thanks Mel!
      We're all good here.
      Don't forget about the open invitation.