Monday 13 May 2013

Hunting Asparagus, by Kira.



  1. love these photos! The asparagus is slow to come up in my area this year. Looking forward to it though.

  2. Did you plant that?? I thought it needed a tended garden bed? Please enlighten! Thanks for your wonderful site!

  3. Me too! The tender bed, unless this is wild asparagus?

  4. The asparagus we pick is on an old farm up the road from us, which we are able to get to the back fields by walking the trail out back through the forest.
    I have heard they use to have large gardens there and asparagus was grown. Besides a few larger patches (these may have been original garlic beds). Most of it is sporadic, growing through out the old fields, only finding a couple spears here and there.
    So that is a good question whether or not it is wild. I think the asparagus we are finding have seeded from original beds from when the farm was worked.
    I have done a bit of research and it seems asparagus is native to Europe, northern Africa and western Asia and didn't become available in Canada and the United States until around 1850.
    I have also read it is quite common to find 'wild' asparagus around old farms and homesteads. I assume these original homesteaders and farmers indeed had an asparagus bed.