Wednesday 15 May 2013

Morels! by Kira

I found them! I finally found them!
Morels, delicious morels.

The kids and I were heading out back to harvest some more asparagus and that is when I spotted them.
We have a wonderful property and I would have to say my favourite part is the old hardwood forest. This is where I find most treasures.
Our hardwood forest mostly consists of maple, beech, ash, birch and poplar.
I found these black morels at the base of a dead ash, which is a common place to find them.

I was so excited, and gasped so loudly I frighted Both Auren and Fern.
They both thought I had spotted a bear.

The kids were a great help hunting. They were crawling around the forest floor searching and when another was spotted it was followed by a squeal!

With yesterday's rain and the warm weather moving in, you know where you will find me and the kids in the morning.

Out hunting for morels!


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