Monday 27 May 2013

Dryad's Saddle, by Kira


If you are a mushroom hunter, forager or just like to get out and explore the forest you have probably come across this mushroom.
It is called Dryad's Saddle and is also known as pheasant's back.
Dryad's Saddle is often overlooked while hunting for the more popular Morels. These mushrooms are edible and very tasty!
If you are out collecting these juicy mushrooms it is best to take the younger ones, small to medium size.
Smaller specimens are still moist and tender and not dry and darkening.
These mushrooms smell of lemons and cucumbers.
When they are cooked they lose some of that fresh aroma and smell more like a typical mushroom.
Their odour and meatiness help to identify these while out in the bush.
Be careful not to overcook Dryad's saddle or will become chewy.
Properly prepared the texture is very meaty.
So if you are out searching for morels don't overlook these gems.
They are one of my favourites!

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