Wednesday 28 August 2013

In the Morning Light, by Kira

Early morning sun.
Tomatoes starting to ripen.
Beta Grapes.
Lush meadow.
Collection of calendula and chamomile for drying.
The beautiful bowl is made by Homestead Pottery.
Heritage blue corn.
Gold Laced Wyandottes.
Dew on Bouquet Dill.
Little Cucamelons.
Beautiful Strawberry Blonde Calendula.


  1. Thanks Kim! Morning is truly my favourite part of the day. I love heading out to do chores when everything is still covered in dew and the sun is starting to peek through the trees. Whether I am on my own or my little helpers are tagging along, mornings are always beautiful and perfect.

  2. Mornings are my favorite too - not quite as beautiful to look at where we are, but my fave nonetheless.