Monday 2 September 2013

Fermented Dragon Tongues! By Kira

A few days ago I made two batches of fermented dragon tongue beans.
I made dilly dragon tongues for the kids and for Andrew and I,
hot dragon tongues.

Slowly, I have been reading my way through Wild Fermentation,
by Sandor Ellix Kats.
Although I haven't done much fermenting in the past, I hope to ferment most of the fresh vegetables from the garden.
Fermenting is a way to preserve food.
It also makes food more nutritious and easier to digest.

Fermented Dragon Tongues

Enough dragon tongue beans to tightly pack into two one-litre jars.
Three garlic cloves, or more, if you really like garlic!
5 sprigs of bouquet dill.
And if you want your dragon tongues hot,
add two hot green or red peppers sliced and seeds removed.
Six cups of water.
Three table spoons of non-iodized natural salt.

Mix the salt and water together until the salt has fully dissolved.

Into sterilzed jars, drop in some of the garlic, peppers, and dill.
Tightly pack in the beans, intermittently adding more of the garlic,
peppers, and dill.
Be sure to add the beans with the jar on it's side (you can pack more in this way).

After you have packed your jar so tightly that not another bean would fit,
pour in the salt water.
Then fill the jar so that the beans are submerged under the brine.

Set the jar lid on top of the jar, but don't tighten.
You want the air to be able to escape.

Let this hang out on your counter for a few days.
Do a taste test each day.
Once the beans start to ferment you can put them in the fridge for a few days then enjoy them.

We like to add these to grilled cheese and they're also tasty on a burger.

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