Saturday 14 September 2013

Wild Apple Sauce, by Kira

Early yesterday morning we set out to go apple picking.
We didn't have far to go;
our neighbour just down the road owns a beautiful old farm with appe trees.
The apples are plentiful this year and we are taking advantage of the bounty.
We brought a bushel of sweet, golden apples home with us.
In the winter, our basement hovers around zero degrees Celsius,
which is great for storing apples.
I would like to store at least 3 bushels of fresh apples and a dozen jars of apple sauce.
Fresh homemade apple sauce is great and easy to make.

Wild Apple Sauce

A pot large enough to hold the quantity of apples you are making into sauce.
A bit of water.
Large bowl

Quarter and seed all the apples, leaving the skin on.
No need to be fussy if you don't get all the seeds as they will be strained out later.
Not having to peel the apples saves a lot of time.
Add enough water to your pot that the bottom is covered by an inch of water.
Place your apples in the pot with the lid on.
Cook your apples at a low to medium temperature and stir them occasionally.
Once your apples have softened and are mushy,
place the colander over the bowl and spoon your apples into the colander.
Using your pestle, work all of the sauce through the colander into the bowl.
Feed the warm left over peels to your chickens, they will love it!
It's a warm treat for them on a cool fall day.
You can refrigerate, freeze, or can the apple sauce.

Still warm and topped with true cinnamon is our favourite way to eat it.
It's even better with little maple syrup and some fresh cream!

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