Saturday 3 August 2013

A Fall Garden & Early Morning Photo Shoot, By Kira

With Auren and Fern gone on adventures with grandparents today,
Meer and I set out early to do chores and plant a small Fall garden.

It was cool. The sun was just hitting the trees above us.
Everything was still covered in a heavy wet dew.
We headed out the door, each of us with camera in hand and seeds in our pockets.
After letting out all of the birds then feeding and watering them,
we walked around the yard talking about dew and clouds.

After snapping some pictures, we made our way to the back of the barn.
This is where we planted our small garden.
We planted mixed greens, radishes and peas.
This is my first go at planting a late garden.
I have always wanted to plant a second crop but I've never quite managed to.
Having fresh Autumn peas would be nice.
Even though I didn't do much research into Fall planting times,
I did choose plants that could handle a frost; something to keep in mind when planting late.
There has been frost here as early as the beginning of September!

After Meer and I finished planting, we went back inside to check out our pictures,
and have a snack.


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  1. Beautiful photos. We are giving the fall garden a go this year too, first time. We have plans to plant Swiss chard, kale, radishes, arugula, mesclun mix and beets. Should all be in by the end of the week. Good luck with yours.