Monday 12 August 2013

The Wilberforce Fair, by Kira

This past Saturday, we represented ourselves at the Wilberforce Agricultural Fair.
It was the first event that we have set up for and I must say that I think we did a great job of putting it together the day before the fair

We brought along a trio of our Gold Laced Wyandottes, some of our freshly ground flour, livestock feed, garlic that I harvested the week before, lavender salt bath, and some of my handmade feather hair clips.
Although we brought along some products to sell, the main reason for going was to showcase our business.

While Andrew worked the booth (which he does very well),
the kids and I roamed the grounds.
Auren spent most of the day exploring on his own.
He ran around the fair all day, checking in from time to time,
and even made some new friends!
But his favourite part of the fair was helping our friend Carol with her calves. Shortly after the two calves arrived, he hopped into the pen with them and brushed their coats until they were smooth and shiny.
I think Carol may have an apprentice in the works.

Sweet Fern had her hair streaked purple with paint, and when she wasn't in the bouncy castle, she was at our friends Carmen's booth helping to sell homemade jewellery.

As we meandered through the fairgrounds, Meer was dancing and singing to the music, though I think her favourite part was my homemade iced tea of which she drank a full litre!

By they end of the day, I had sold some of my handmade products, garlic and some feed while Andrew had talked with a lot of people.

I think this event was a great promotion for us.
Now that we've had a taste of a fair,
we're now planning on setting up at the farmers market.

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