Sunday 20 January 2013

Wood Butter, by Kira

Andrew and I are both doing a little wood working now and we wanted a finish for the wood that was safe for kitchen use and wouldn't chip away in time like a varnish.
So we are trying a recipe for wood butter.
It is a mix of bee's wax and USP grade mineral oil.
If you have ever finished a wood project using an oil you know how nice it looks.
It brings out the natural colours, the wood grain and markings.
I made up a small batch to test out on some small projects and we are going to treat our counter top with it as well.

Wood Butter

4 ounces of bee's wax
16 ounces of USP grade mineral oil

On low heat melt the bee's wax.
In a separate pot, warm up the mineral oil.
Once the wax has melted and the oil warmed, pour the oil into the wax.
Stir together and then pour it into a jar or other container.
Once the butter has cooled keep it sealed.
Rub the butter on with a clean cloth. Once you have rubbed it on,
take another clean cloth and wipe off the excess.
This also gives it a little bit of a shine.

(We are still in search of an alternative to the mineral oil, which is a petroleum based laxative.
Something that won't go rancid, that is potable, and won't threaten people with
nut allergies.)

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