Monday 7 January 2013

Time to get back on track.

It's been a year since our first blog post.
We've shared a great deal of our life from the past twelve months.
The plan had always been to blog everyday for a year.
And though we have skipped quite a few days over the past month,
we managed to take some time to post about the day-to-day life
on our homestead.
I had often wondered what the next step would be once the year had passed.
Honestly, I felt that we would stop daily blogging and post weekly instead.

Now that the year is up,
it's time to make a decision.

A typical day doesn't provide much time.
Raising three children and building a farm absorb every moment.
It is a truly wonderful way to live.

But managing time can be difficult.
It's not a matter of simple allocation,
but a constant compromise of give and take.
Each day, something or someone won't get enough.
And though our priorities are clear,
the day must remain versatile to make the most of each minute.

Homeschooling has become an important part of everyday
and though in essence it is fun and easygoing,
the devotion of time remains a challenge.
The fact is that sending our kids to school would actually waste more valuable time than there is to spare.
So time spent on education has more to do with the age of our children
than with how they will be taught.

It may seem as though I'm leading into the swan song of this blog,
but that is not the plan.

Even if we can help inspire only a handful of people,
then sharing our experience is worth continuing.

I have always felt obligated to post daily.
Not for the sake of our readers,
but for the neurotic goal of posting every single day.
That's not healthy for me or for our content.
Lately it's been hard to post because of long stretches of repetitive work.
There's always beauty in the fine details,
but kindling inspiration should be natural and cathartic,
and not mechanical and methodical.

The past year has marked a significant change for our family.
It hasn't been a lifestyle transition, but a shift of emphasis.
Homesteading is full time and not just on weekends.
We are still just beginning,
There is a lifetime of learning and experience yet to share.

December was a calamity of falling behind and catching up.
But I'm ready to get back to forging ahead.
That means finishing up old projects.
That means starting new ones.
That means keeping the blog going.

But I won't be posting for the sake of meeting a personal goal.
Most days around here offer great new and fun experiences.
But other days can be repetitive tedium that fail to inspire me.
Upcoming posts won't be daily or every weekend.
They won't be fortnightly or on every Thursday with an odd numbered date.
We need each day to be as flexible as possible,
and besides,
I don't do well with routine.

The good news is that Kira will be posting more frequently.
We are a team after all, and she has a great deal to offer.
Expect more wonderful photography and a sharpened gardening prowess.
The coming year promises to be exciting
and we will post as much of it as we can.

As I look back over the posts,
many of them are simply introductions.
There is so much to build on.
So many details left untold.

And though each day seems too short,
I have no qualms about dedicating every single one to help inspire others to fulfill their own homesteading dreams.
When you don't see a post,
it means we're learning something new,
or working late on a project,
or reaching out,
or just taking some time to refresh so we can keep going.
There is much to do and all of it is important.
That includes our blog,
so stay with us.



  1. Well said Andrew keep your spirit up
    Best Regards Always
    Your Friend

  2. Thanks Larry!
    I could never keep a journal for myself,
    but having other people who enjoy our stories makes it all worthwhile.