Tuesday 1 January 2013

So it begins! by Kira

January 1st, what a beautiful day it was! I was feeling inspired.
The sun was warm, the air cool and brisk.
I wanted to get outside with my camera and the kids.
We did just that; a walk through the forest to deliver some chicken carcasses to the coyotes and check out THIS year's planting grounds!

My mind has been racing. What am I planting and where?
There is talk of new hugulkultur beds, a green house, growing grain and hops,
perennial herbs and the list goes on!

My seed list is nearly complete. The first order is going in tomorrow.
This order is from Cubits and another smaller order through Sage Gardens.

Auren and Fern will both be building and maintaining their own small gardens this year for a homeschool project,
starting with seeds and managing the plants until harvest.

For the most part I am planting everything I did last year,
with a few subtractions and some new additions.
Once I place my orders I will share my seed list.

My goals - Have extra seedlings to sell
- Plant enough plants to feed us though to the following spring
- Preserve, can, ferment, sauce, stew!
- Keep all of our own seeds for the following year

I am having fun planning, dreaming, building on paper, brainstorming and researching.
It won't be long and all my dreaming will be put to action.



  1. Andrew, Have you looked into turning your chicken carcasses into bonemeal for transplanting seedlings to the ground...good for root development....
    Jay @ slowacres

  2. That sounds like a good idea but labour intensive for the time being.
    After our chicken carcasses are made into soup, they go into a digester,
    which is a low maintenance compost unit.
    I suppose that the resulting fertilizer will make good starter.
    But I'll keep the bonemeal idea in mind.
    Thanks Jay!