Sunday 13 January 2013

Getting Warmer

Despite having been well prepared beforehand,
I still found the chimney installation to be a challenge.
The instructions are clear and concise.
But there are small details that can aggravate a straightforward job.

Few people will recommend scrounging chimney parts.
It's great if you can find what you need,
but a good flue is critical to safe and efficient wood burning.
We chose a quality, Canadian manufacturer.

The instructions are most clear about nominal measurements, such as clearances.
What the manual can't help with is each case scenario for every installation.
That part is up to you,
as long as you adhere to the meaurement guideline.

To be honest,
I obsessed for days about this job.
Having finished it,
It was much simpler that I thought it would be.
(Though I did manage to complicate it.)

The cookstove is to arrive next week.
Installing it should be easy as long as we can move it.
Having heat in this building makes it functional.
Now it's time to find more firewood.


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