Wednesday 12 September 2012

Little Ballerina

That time in our parenthood has come when the kids go out into the world to experience something new.
They can play all day here, but it's special to get to do an activity that's different than what we do at home.
Fern is especially keen to dance.
She had a little taste of it last season and she hasn't forgotten about it.
Fern is much more keen and focused than Auren was at the same age.
And Fern is almost fearless.
Maybe it's not so much courage as it is determination.
She almost determined herself into the following dance class with the older girls.

I have vowed to keep from getting caught up in too many organized activities,
but that doesn't mean that the kids won't get to do what they want.
Auren is a shoe-in for lego club, but he gets to do that at home.
We have friends in Karate, and I'm thinking that it would be a great place for Auren to express his excess energy.
Karate would likely be a father and son activity, so I am going to have to find my own excess energy for that.

Fern seems committed to dance already.
There is a steely resolve in her eyes when she talks about it.
She is a matter-of-fact kind of girl.
And you won't catch me standing in her way.

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