Sunday 30 September 2012

For everything there is a season.

Now that most of the vegetables have been harvested,
it's time to consider bringing home the bacon.

The weather is cooler and the winter draws near.
Our farm animals are no longer little babies.

A picture perfect fall includes a brisk north wind,
the sound of geese flying south,
and the business of storing up meat for the winter.

The slaughter and butcher of our farm friends is where many prospective homesteaders draw the line.
It's easy enough to kill a carrot, but animals are much more like us and that makes the issue personal.

The fact is that when we consider the death of an animal we do so selfishly.
Our own mortality faces us with real blood and death throes.

Understanding an animal's place in the great cycle is impossible if we don't first come to terms with our own role.
For we too shall become food.

Having narrowed our food choices dramatically,
Kira and I find it much easier to grow and process animals for meat.

We love our animals and care for them as we care for our pets.
Our intention is to only eat meat that was grown organically and treated ethically.

We take responsibilty for the meat we eat.
It's so important for everyone to better understand what it means to eat meat.

Because of the cycle of life on our farm,
we eat almost no meat during the Spring and Summer.

Having gone without for so long,
the appetite hungers for chops and roasts,
grilled treats, bacon, fried chicken, and pot pies.

So there is certainly sadness to see our friends turned from beautiful vibrant creatures into hearty homemade dishes, but.... it goes.

( Hey! Why is there a picture of Ursa in there? )


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