Friday 28 September 2012

The Schoolhouse

Some of you might be curious about the elusive project that comes into glimpse every so often.
In the beginning I had intended to share every detail of the progress.
In the end the decision was made to keep it in the background.
The tedious development of a building isn't universally appealing.

This building will be the physical focal point of our new business.
It will be an education centre for the purpose of teaching our friends and customers.
The space will also help us homeschool our children by providing a separate area for more concentrated learning.
Many of the design features will make it appropriate for entertaining;
somewhere to stay up late once the kids have gone to bed.

We are building this with our savings that were set aside during my years as a mechanic.
I am building every part of it,
with a little help from here and there.
Most of the lumber comes from Romard lumber down the road.
The remainder is store bought.
Originally, my hope was to mill the lumber myself.
But that proved impossible because of the time needed.

It will be an open space with a cathedral ceiling.
Almost every inch will be clad with wood from Paul Romard's forest.
We found lots of windows on Kijiji so the room will be bright and airy.
There will also be a wood cookstove for heat and cooking that has been contributed by my Mom.

The purpose of this building will be to do a lot of good.

A place to share what we have learned.
A place to share the bounty of our farm.
A place to share time with family and friends.
A place to educate our kids.

It is built of concrete, steel, and wood.
It is shelter.
But when it is full of people,
it will embody everything that we are working for.

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