Tuesday 25 September 2012

Garden Salsa & Drying Herbs, by Kira


This past week has been spent nursing colds and preserving the last few goodies from the gardens.

The kids and I made a big batch of salsa. I experimented with the recipe.
I can never seem to follow a recipe.
Nor do I write out a recipe when I have made something awesome,
relying on my memory for the next time I make it.
I really should use a log book.

The ingredients that went into the salsa:

A mix of heirloom tomatoes
Green tomatillos
Green peppers
Jalapeño peppers
Lemon juice


Drying the last of the Herbs!
I cut and strung the herbs and hung them outside for the day.

We moved them inside this evening to finish drying.

For seasoning:

Lemon thyme (one of my favorites)
English thyme

Drying for Teas:

Blackberry leaves

I am thinking how nice it will be to come home from snowshoeing this winter to a hot cup of peppermint tea

and a cozy fire!


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