Tuesday 14 August 2012

On the Level

There was a groundbreaking ceremony today.
Well, a lot more groundbreaking than ceremony.

The shovel hit the dirt,
marking the beginning of another project.

The time has come for us to go ahead on a plan,
that was hatched many years ago.

In fact, it is two plans joined into one project.
A building that will perform many roles.

The decision to act came recently.
The design had already been underway.

Now the materials have been arranged for.
Now is the time to finish it.

A new hammer and measuring tape are in order,
but otherwise, the tool chest is adequately supplied.

Like any project, there will be learning involved.
Though I'll enter this with more confidence.

This building will be extra special.

It won't be for the chickens,
and it won't be just for us.

This building will be for sharing.

Sharing with others,
sharing experiences.

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