Saturday 4 August 2012

Farmin' Friends

Kira and I have always had a hard time fitting in,
before we met each other and even more so after.
Only now are we finding a community that welcomes us.
It's not that we have been shunned.
It's just that we couldn't talk freely about what we're doing and what we feel passionate about.

The internet certainly keeps us connected to like-minded people,
but it's important to be able to get out and socialize.
When we began this blog, we also started to reach out and look for people in the local communities who could understand why we have chosen our lifestyle.
It's not that we need support to carry on.
We simply need other people with similar experiences who we can compare stories with and learn from.
Having a discussion about organic farming is difficult with folks who don't even think there are fatal flaws in conventional agriculture.
I should note that organic farming has it's share of problems,
but there will be no way to develop improved agriculture if one believes that the status quo is just fine.

Now we are beginning to find sympathetic ears.
Now we are finding people who have similar goals to ours,
and who also need the benefit of mutual experience to make farming productive, and sustainable.

It would be truly difficult to forge our way ahead, alone.

Thanks to John and Stephanie at BLACKberry fields
for lunch, for a swim,
for farming their own way,
and for bringing us into their community.

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