Thursday 14 February 2013

Take Flight, by Kira

Caged Monkey

Shadow and Sunlight

Take Flight


Knights in Armour

It's Pepper Time!

Free play and dress up. 
This consumes most of the kids' day. 
Auren is practicing reading, off and on throughout the day.
When he gets bored with it he moves on to something more fun. Sweet Fern is all about dress up. 
She wore a tutu and a white sweater of Meer's to bed this evening. Little Meer has decided she prefers to run around the house nude. She spent most of the day this way. 
I would dress her and she would run into another room and take it all off. 
I'll just have to get her using the potty.

I am pretty excited about this weekend.
I am going to start some of my seeds; the peppers! 
A trip to town is planned for tomorrow to pick up a few remaining supplies for getting started. 

Here are a couple of sites with advice on starting your pepper seeds:

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