Friday 1 February 2013

Auren, Fern + Mama, by Kira


Auren is amazing with his lego, it's not even regular lego it's lego technic.
There are pulleys, pins and gears. He can sit for a long stretch of time creating space ships, vehicles, robots and docks for parking them in.
But to get this little boy to sit and try to read? No way.
He digs his heels in and rolls his eyes the whole time.
It's not that he can't; he just doesn't want to. Auren has other things on his mind.
I had intended on teaching him to read this winter, but once the snow disappears there is no way he is going to want to be inside!
He is only five. Do I need to rush it? Maybe I just need to find the right kind of reading materials.

Then there is sweet Fern.
Most days when it is time to get dressed, she heads for the dress-up box for either the 'home dress' (a well weathered comy dress) or a tutu and her wings.
She is longing for spring when she can frolic outside in these outfits again.
Fern is defiant and does not take 'no' lightly.
Fern has sat in the time-out chair many times over the past couple of weeks.
I'm not sure this works for her but it gives me a moment to gather myself.
She spends a lot of time looking at books and playing with her miniature animals and fairy figurines.

Together these two can be great - a perfect team.
Playing, pretending, building, helping one another.
Or they can be driving their mama bonkers. And lately it's has been more of the latter.
When they are getting along they love to dress up.
Auren usually a superhero or Darth Vadar.
Fern is a little more unpredictable and can be either a princess or Darth Vadar.
They play lego together, make forts and love to help me in the kitchen.
When they are not getting along, I like to get them dressed and send them outside to work it out.
When they are out, its not long before they are on an adventure around the yard.
But it has been a little too cold to do this lately.

We have been cooped-up inside for nearly two weeks!
The weather has been so cold here. And it has taken a toll on all of us.
When the cold broke we went out!
We started with the screened porch.
Christmas is still out there and it's been watching me for months.
The kids and I sorted all the wrapping and packaging.
Bagging up the recycling and took out what we could burn.
Meer and I sat In front of the outdoor wood stove and burned.
It felt so good to have that cleaned up.
Auren wandered the yard and forest snowboarding and climbing trees.
Miss Fern took the time to catch up with Lexie Bun (the bunny), her ducks and the chickens.
Lily pad (our dog) was frisky chasing chickadees and nuthatches away from her pig bones.
The two kids made their way over to the woodstove once they were soaked and chilly.
We sat a while and talked about Spring, duck eggs, toads and animal mating. (Possibly a few too many nature documentaries.)

We all went inside refreshed, clear headed and everyone was, for the most part, calm and patient for the rest of the evening and even into the next day.
How a little outdoor time does wonders.
And oh how I love these little rug-rats!


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