Wednesday 19 December 2012

One More Time

Conditions were right for another attempt to bring wood in.
If you remember the last time, it didn't end well.
In fact, every foray in recent memory has been rough.
Entirely due to trail conditions.

Our trails are badly damaged in a few places.
It's the price we pay for abundant water sources.
Springs contribute to soft trails and it is impossible to traverse our woodlot without crossing several.
A few critical points are virtually impassable by tractor.
The solution is one quality trail through the middle with corduroy bridges where necessary.
It's on my list.

The new trail should be cut sooner rather than later.
Perhaps this Winter, if the weather favours bush work.
There has been enough time and experience to pay towards a proper roadway.
Our plans for the woodlot depend on being able to access it.

I did manage to get some logs to the house.
But after a few runs, any frost in the ground was broken up and gave way to mud.
Burying the tractor has been far too common lately.

Fetching the logs is quite simple,
provided there are no incidents along the way.
I have always thought of our trails as being in good condition,
but they need to be retired and repurposed for other activities.

It's easy enough to curse the equipment, but in all fairness,
if I keep on busting these trails up, only a tank will manage.
Dry weather makes it easy to forget about the mud-holes.
I had counted on a dry Autumn for easy skidding.
Though we are certainly happy to see the water table refilled,
despite the challenges of a wet roadway.

Most of the big logs are in.
The remaining large logs are up off the ground and should stay viable until I can get to them.
There is a wide variety of smaller pieces that have been left to be brought out with our old ATV.
It matters little if I don't get to it all.
There is no waste in the woods.
The trees are better off left to return to the forest floor.
Many of the next trees to be felled have been chosen.
Some for fuel, others for woodworking.
Thankfully, the next batch is much closer to home.


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