Friday 14 December 2012

The Roadshow

We are offering the homesteading experience as part of our business .
The goal is to share the lifestyle and all that we have learned.
Seeing our projects through to the end is important to a holistic education.
Selling chicks to eager new farmers must naturally end with showing them how bring them to the table.
Our friends at Feather&Anchor were ready to thin out their flock,
so we took the morning to go over some final details with them.

Today wasn't a business call, but a family get-together and playdate while Kira took Mike through the finer points of chicken harvesting.
The weather was perfect and all the kids were playful.
It's a perfect opportunity to allow children to see where our food comes from.

This was Mike's first time taking matters into his own hands.
There are many methods available, but our way keeps things subtle and simple.
Staying relaxed is good for the family and for the birds.
A day like this should feel easy and comfortable.

It is still work and takes time, tools, and planning.
Not really having see it done first makes the task more daunting.
But getting a hands-on lesson removes the enigma.
There are no great mysteries here.
Just a simple household chore that comes along with growing food.

We're happy to help people take more control over their lives.
Being able to produce food at home is an important skill on the road to self-sufficiency.
Harvesting chickens isn't difficult, but there are barriers to overcome such as the 'ewww' factor and the technical details.
Reading about it is helpful and inspiring, but most people benefit from seeing things done, especially when done with others with whom they relate.
That is our role.


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