Saturday 24 November 2012

Out of Time

It's hard to image Winter holding off much longer.
Normally, I use the end of the deer hunt as the deadline for having all of the Winter prep done.
That means firewood in, yard cleaned up, house winterized, vehicles serviced, and so on.

This year has been unlike any other for our family.
We're larger, and fully engaged in turning our dreams into something tangible.
That adds up to a very busy year.

In our blog, I try to strike a balance between being perfectly honest, and trying not to complain.
I like to be honest about our experiences so that others know the grit that comes along with homestead life.
I like to keep my complaints to myself because we have so much to be thankful for.

Tonight I'd like to be honest.
We have reached a bottleneck where Autumn turns into Winter.
Time has run out to get everything done.
Everything is most certainly not done.
We are working as hard as we can and the tolls of labour are turning up as short tempers and sore bodies.
This lifestyle often leaves no room for recreation and relaxation.
Though there is solace is in work that is rewarding, fulfilling, and enjoyable.

But it feels like the home stretch.
Just a little longer and we can take a breath and look back over a long Spring and Summer that saw so much accomplished.
Just a little longer...


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  1. Sending energy and positive vibes your way from Northern Alberta. Good luck with the final push for winterization... we got most of ours done last month as winter comes sooner.