Wednesday 21 November 2012

Firewood and Fermenting Food, by Kira

This is my husband. He is splitting firewood and yes it's this
Winter's firewood. Am I worried? No, he keeps us
Warm every year.

This is where I am. In front of a hot fire checking
Out my new book on fermentation. Beer,wine, kimchi, yogurt
And Kefir.

First to try is the kimchi and the hard cider. Kimchi is a tasty Korean dish
That is served at every Food Frendzy. It is so delicious, I will post a
Recipe in a week or so (this is how long it takes to ferment).
We will also post on food fermentation and the benefits
Of eating live foods!
As for the hard cider that will be for Andrew and I to drink once
Our wood is in.


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