Thursday 5 July 2012

Staring over the precipice.

Much like when the power goes out,
the only time I really try to think of solutions is when the trouble is underway.
Planning to use less electricity and creating alternatives seems more imperative when the lights are off and the water pump is useless.
And with the current heat wave, my mind wanders into plans for mitigating the effects of heat and drought for the future.

I dislike bringing up the climate change issue, but it doesn't seem to be getting any colder or wetter.
The statistics are certainly pointing to the warmer end of thermometer.
For those people who work in air-conditioned environments, it would be hard to focus on the heat all day.
But when you work outside, it's hard to get that oppressive feeling off your shoulders.

I do my best to plan work around the weather.
Rain hasn't been much of a problem lately, except for the fact that there's not enough.
When it's hot, the afternoon should be spent in the shade;
it's an opportunity for me to catch up on my computer tasks.
In the future, however, there may need to be a greater shift of the typical daily regime.

I used to worry about the well and the pond levels.
I guess I still do.
But there is little I can do to add water to the system.
Our pond reflects both watershed flow, and groundwater levels.
There is some flow; but not much.

The pond and some of the swamps, I have always been considered as water reserves.
The fact is, that when the heat is on and there is no rain, the reserves suffer equally.
Out back where our big pigs are, there is a swamp next to their compound.
It was my source of water for them, but now it is only a wallow.
I could dig for water, and I probably will at some point.
We are surely better off than many places,
but I can see the edge of drought.
There wouldn't need to be much of a change to shift the balance.
And especially after a long, hot day,
it feels as though we won't be able to adapt.


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