Tuesday 10 July 2012

Ready or Not!

Auren has shown a lot of promise with his bicycle.
I don't have anyone to compare him to since he is the oldest of ours,
and there's no one we know with a boy who's exactly the same age.
All I know is that he had no problem at all when the training wheels came off.
And, it looks like his bike is slowing him down.

I have never wanted to pressure him into any sports or activities,
but I'll make an exception with the cycling.
Around these parts, motor-bikes are the common trail ride.
Considering what we are doing here, a gas powered recreational vehicle is
not a sport I intend to condone.
In order for me to say no, there must be an alternative.
So, I'll promote trail riding on a bicycle instead.
I have already been doling out mountain bike propaganda,
and so far, it seems to be working.

The terrain here is great for off-road cycling sports.
Conversely, the road is a death trap; blind hills and careless drivers.
The plan is to build a short track near the house for the kids to ride on.
It must be fun, yet challenging, and offer a variety of activities
to keep them interested.
There could even be a competitive element to it if they show enough promise.
A bigger, more capable bicycle is already in the works.

The bike track should help keep the kids busy on their own,
but I realize that they want fun time with us too.
I haven't seriously ridden for quite a few years; more than I'd like to admit.
This may be a chance for Kira and I to get back into some physical sports
as well as encourage responsible, low impact recreation.

Bicycles are universally loved by kids.
Many adults fall out of love with bikes as they age; myself included.
Now that Auren is ready to move beyond riding up and down the driveway,
it's time to consider bicycling as an activity that we can all do together as a family.

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