Wednesday 31 October 2012

Quiet Confrontation

I had posted earlier in the year about comments.
Our blog works best when our readers participate.

Since then, many people have left their opinions,
but for the most part, our comment section gathers dust.

What's odd is that many of my posts are controversial, opinionated, and sometimes offensive.
The intention is not to cause trouble but to start debates and bring certain issues to the forefront.

In many cases, I incriminate myself by talking about subversive activism,
anti-government sentiments,
and supporting good judgement in place of the rule of law.

This blog is a public account of our private lives.
We try to exist below the radar and out of the watchful eye of government,
but it's challenging to keep secrets when you write about everything you do on a public forum.
Some people think that my honesty will cause me problems down the road.
This is probably true.
But I won't live my life in fear when the truth is so important.

We are very passionate about our lifestyle and our choices.
Not just at night on the blog, but during every moment of every day.
There is more to lifestyle than simply method and routine.
Consequence follows every action; both good and bad.
Inertia propels us but also acts against us.

I posted recently about being caught by the township, building our schoolhouse without a permit.
Though many people would sympathize with us,
others feel strongly about a country built on the rule of law and strict adherence to those laws.
It was someone we know who informed government.
The concern was that we are building over the property line,
though no one approached us in person about the issue.

Had they done so, I would have shown them a well marked property stake (proven by my other neighbour's recent survey),
and a line that we have obviously not crossed.
Perhaps by confronting me, they feared finding themselves in the wrong and making an unjustified accusation.
I would prefer to face my accuser.

Instead I received vitriolic comments on the blog.

In truth, it's better than silence.
I've been waiting for some confrontational commentary on our activities.
This isn't the subject I'd hoped to open up, but we're still just starting out.

To be fair, I insulted the head of a very large family.
Not without just cause, but disparaging none the less.
I stand by my words however.
And I will stand my ground.

We write and express our life through our own experience.
I don't like to be intentionally offensive, but a spade is a spade.
There's a weakness in our society when we turn on each other.
We've been conditioned to use the law to settle disputes rather than solving or preventing issues through good faith and open discussion.
The internet has now opened a new way of striking out at each other in lieu of standing up to a person face to face.
I may be just as guilty of that through our blog.

So once again, if you feel strongly about something I say or do,
if you don't want to confront me directly, you can leave a comment on our blog.
I don't even mind if the comments are anonymous.
It's better than silence.


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