Tuesday 9 October 2012

I love our Tuesdays!, by Kira

Today the kids and I spent the day in Haliburton with our homeschool group.
We started with a walk through the park, talking about the trees;
their shape, age, colour, texture and what kind of bark, leaf, branches and trunk they had. Which kinds still had their leaves and which had all fallen off. Which had the brightest colour and which were still green.
After burning some energy in the park we headed to Jenn's studio to paint our findings.

Jenn led the art project.The kids used pastels to draw the outline of the trees and their branches. The trees were coloured in next with a technique called dry brushing. This gave a textured look to the trunks. Using fall colours the kids used pieces of sponge, q-tips and fingers to make leaves.
Some trees were fairy homes.
Next we matted the pieces onto black paper and everyone stamped their names in autumn colours.

Then came circle time with a story and singing while the soup warmed up.
We feasted on minestrone soup, freshly baked buns, sliced apple and homemade banana coconut ice cream.

The day does not end here.
Next we hiked over to the library for a tour, more stories and the kids each got their very own library card!

It all makes for a quiet drive home. Auren looked at his borrowed library book while Fern and Meer slept.

I love Tuesdays with our homeschool group.

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  1. Jenn Wanless-Craig14 October 2012 at 19:33

    We love Tuesdays too! So happy to homeschool with you and your wee ones.