Tuesday 2 October 2012

Prepping the Garlic Beds, by Kira

130 garlic bulbs or about 500 cloves waiting to be planted.

Today We started preparing the ground.

Auren and Alex moved a lot of rock today.
Yes, this hill is full of rocks. It is hard to tell that this past spring we cleared many of the rocks out.

There is a mix of soil on this spot we have picked out for the garlic.
Some of its deep rich soil, while only a foot away it's just crushed rock.
We will mix in some nutrient rich soil from other parts of the property.

Despite the belly rubs and pats on the back they still sulked.
(I think they wanted to help.)

Ah yes, and sweet Fern, she was the 'worm police'.
Rescuing worms from beneath our shovels and relocating them to a safer area.

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