Wednesday 11 July 2012


Building a bike trail for Auren has the side benefit of having us push into the forest between the house and the road.
It's a nice portion of the grounds, but it has been too grown in to use for anything.
There are many potential plans, but most are long term and still get changed a lot.

Putting a trail through anywhere opens up the use of the land.
It's easier to eye up the lay of the ground
when the trees and brush have been thinned.
There may even be some new ideas inspired.

Part of the plan is a trail that goes over to my Dad's house.
We have one that goes the long way around,
but this will be a short-cut that leads straight from our house to his.
The kids will be spending more time with him, now that they're older,
and this will be a good route for them.

We are using a simple design with materials that are on-hand.
There will be a nice little foot bridge that will be a good bike obstacle too;
the decking will not be very smooth.

I enjoy working on the landscaping projects.
Many of the recent projects have been directed at problem solving.
Beautification projects are more frivolous,
but there's a lasting feeling of gratification when the work is all done.


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