Tuesday 17 July 2012

Lots of chicks.

Has anyone been wondering about the chicks?
Well, I've officially lost count of how many there are.
They are doing well and rapidly outgrowing their living space.

They aren't far from going outside on their own.
As long as they go back into the coop at night,
they should be safe in the middle of the new fenced compound.

There are still more eggs in the incubator.
I cannot be stopped now.
We expect to sell some,
but we'll have enough to keep our own flock robust.

The goal of surpassing the 'one-hundred chicken' mark,
has been accomplished.
Beyond one-hundred birds, chicken care is supposed to become more difficult.
I guess we'll see.
Chicken numbers are simple enough to cut back,
should the need arise.

If it's practical, we will hatch birds throughout the year,
ensuring a steady supply of chicks to sell or birds to eat.
It takes a lot of chickens to feed a family,
and there has never really been a surplus of chickens to eat or sell.
I hope that this year, there will be.

1 comment:

  1. I guess you are officially a chicken-man now :) Ours are doing well - despite having been left outdoors all night this past Saturday :S