Monday 11 June 2012

Sun Hats and Snails, by Kira

We are blessed to be surrounded by lakes.
There are many for us to choose from.
Today was spent on Pine Lake in Gooderham.
There was lots to find along the shore. Dragonfly nymphs, minnows, a sunfish on her nest guarding her eggs, snails and clams.
So many things to teach the kids about; they didn't get bored or wander.
They wanted to learn all about these little creatures and how each has an important role.

Auren liked the sunfish and digging in the sand.
Fern spent a lot of time following the school of minnows up and down the beach telling me how cute the minnows are.
Meer loved the water and the sand.

Of course they all loved the fruit, cheese and chocolate cookies we brought for snack.

The ride home was quiet.
The kids had sandy feet, chocolate mouths and heavy eyelids.

Thanks to the Hunter family for letting us play on their beach today.

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