Friday 22 June 2012

Building keep who out?

Martin was over today to help string the big fence up.
This was an easy job with two people, but it would have been a trial had I done it alone.
Thanks Martin.

This fence is very important, and I will be glad to have it finished.
More so because fencing is boring and laborious; especially over rough ground.
There are jobs coming up that demand more creativity and finish with a greater sense of accomplishment.

There is still the front line to do, but the worst of the work is done.
The fence won't really be completely effective until the new layer coop is built,
but it should at least slow down the Fox attacks

The fence does add a feeling of legitimacy to the farm.
And the gentle contrast between the chicken yard and the hill is now more distinctive and clean.
Fences can be divisive when used improperly.
But they can also be cohesive, like seams on a patchwork quilt.


1 comment:

  1. Easy job? How do you define easy?
    I seem to recall someone (not me) that was so tired near the end of the job that they stapled one end of the fence upside down to the woodshed. A moment to remember !
    Now thats what I call humour!