Sunday 22 April 2012

Dust and Small Flowers

There was rain.
Unfortunately, there was not enough to hydrate the earth.
After a sunny and windy day, it looks as though there was never any rain at all.

The pigs have started to work their new yard in earnest.
Without rain, however, there is little forage for them.
They have been digging deep holes to find the moist earth that harbours worms and grubs and fungus.

It is an eerie foreboding of what climate change may look like.
The forest may benefit from a longer growing season, but with no rain, it makes little difference.
The forest remains in stasis, waiting with apprehension for enough moisture to continue growing.

The drought resistant plants reveal themselves during times like these.
They thrive despite the absence of rain.
Perhaps they are taking advantage of the stultified competition who depend greatly on Spring rains. 

There are great expectations for the beginning of the growing season.
Every form of creature is awake and waiting to begin.
When water, once again, saturates the soil, 
the forest will explode with life.

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