Tuesday 18 September 2012

It takes a village.

The key to good homeschooling isn't a well defined curriculum.
It is a community of diverse individuals.
Everyone has a special skill or talent.
So everyone becomes a teacher.

Today was the first art class.
Jenn of Artech studios is the teacher.
Not only does she have the talent and skill.
She also has a solid stock of supplies and a studio with which to teach.

It's one thing to do art at home at the kitchen table.
It is very different in a professional atmosphere working with mediums that you may not find in the home.
Our kids are a little apprehensive to start.
It almost seems 'too' fun.

This is a small group session.
All education should be conducted in small groups.
The school system lacks the resources to do that.
It is a shame that educational opportunities are not the same for everyone.

It's easy to tell when the kids are absorbing the lesson.
They are focused and attentive.
I find it hard to tell what they are thinking.
It is the wonder of a child's mind fully attuned.

It may be more difficult to get them this absorbed into math and grammar.
That's up to us to make happen.
There will be those among us who will know how to capture the kids into the numeracy and literacy.

It is remarkable that this journey is not only for the sake of the children.
The parents are challenged to cultivate their talents and share them with our kids.
We will grow and learn with them.

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