Sunday 11 March 2012

Staying Awake

Part of the beauty of Spring is how fast it can happen.  
I don't mean how quickly the snow goes, and how soon the downtown patios fill up.
There is always life teeming below the blanket of snow and ice.  
Just a little warm weather and some sunshine can quickly bring that into view.

We are fortunate to have a creek and a pond here, but chances are, most everyone has some sort of watercourse nearby.  It's always worth checking even the most seemingly benign places for signs of life preparing for the warm seasons.  
I took Auren and Fern down to an open part of the creek today, if only to listen to the water flowing and to be hypnotized by the sunshine glittering from the ripples.
Auren and I both got soakers playing around on the icy edges.  That stirred up some silt and brought some creatures into the light.
The secret life aquatic is suddenly revealed when lit against the backdrop of decaying ice.  

Thus far, Fern has been quick to want to go back inside when we're playing outside during the winter.
That changed today down by the creek.
She called it the riverbank, and I couldn't get her to leave.
I don't know if it was the feeling of presence with the hidden world of the water.
I don't know if the sound of thousands of little bubbles popping lured her into the constant dream of moving water.
I didn't ask her why.  I don't ask myself why I am so enchanted by the life spring of water.

Auren was unusually eager to head into the forest.
Something was inviting him in.
The trees speak a language that I don't understand.
Perhaps they called to him.

Children are naturally attuned to their surroundings.
They may not have the scientific knowledge of the land, but science lacks the emotion that only the poetry of a child can express.  Inspiration is always at hand.
Time is absent in the hinterland.  The past, the present, and the future all come together to tell the whole story.  The kids see that. 
What is most important to me is that they remind me of something that I could forget if I stop paying attention.

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