Tuesday 7 July 2015

The arrival of Una-Mae & Gem.

We have been preparing for our first baby goats.
Mira, one of our three Nigerian dwarf goat does, was nearly ready to give birth.
With the due date fast approaching, Andrew and I have been working to prepare for the birth and arrival of new kids.
On Sunday morning, Andrew put together the frame of a birthing pen in the covered space between our two goat barns.
Every day I've been watching, looking for signs of Mira going into labour, but not much had been changing.
Her udder grew large about a month ago and she was very round, but there hadn't been any new changes lately. The due date was another week away.

Yesterday was hot, so in the evening we decided to go to our neighbours for a swim. We had a great visit and refreshing swim before we headed home around 6:00pm to do evening chores, starting with the goats.
I went around to the goat barn behind our home and there Mira was cleaning a fresh little baby while she was pushing another out!
I called to Andrew and the kids and then started to help clean the first baby.
Auren ran for some towels.
Mira was birthing standing up so as she pushed out the last baby I lowered it down to the ground.
What a feeling!
I was so excited and happy, I just wanted to cry.
And all three of our own kids got to watch Mira birth the second baby!

I set the second baby in front of Mira for her to clean.
She did such a great job with the first kid that I didn't want to interfere too much.
I sat with a towel and helped dry the kids off.
As soon as both babies were dry they started searching for Mira's udder and were both nursing in no time.
Mother Nature astounds me.

Andrew finished putting together the kidding pen so that Mira and her new little ones could settle in for the night.
~ Gem ~
~ Una-Mae ~


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