Sunday 5 January 2014

Swapping, by Kira.

Andrew and I swapped roles yesterday afternoon.
He went out into the bush first with snowshoes and chainsaw and dropped a few standing dead trees.
He bucked them up, and came in.
Then Andrew filled my role for a few hours,
while I went out for some much needed time alone.
I strapped my snowshoes on,
then grabbed the sleigh and headed into the woods with my frisky dogs.

I've been needing physical activity to get my heart rate up,
and some quiet time to let my mind wander.
I like swapping roles.
It's not that I don't do my share of physical labour on our homestead,
but just not much this time of year.
It helps me appreciate Andrew's role,
as I'm sure filling my shoes helps him appreciate my role.


  1. What a woman - looks like a heavy load! My husband is in charge of the wood and keeping the woodstove going. We share the chicken duties. We haven't been running as frequently or as far as we had been before December. The lazy holiday feeling, the dark mornings, the wintry weather. As I ate 3 cookies in a row on Saturday night (the little babe was a bit manic, I needed it), I felt like I really needed a run on Sunday. So with near zero temps yesterday, we bundled up ourselves and the little babe and went for a spirited short run - it felt great to sweat a little bit and know I burned off at least one of those cookies!

  2. Such a great idea! I find that quiet time and space almost always bring things back into or country.
    Enjoy the day.