Thursday 23 January 2014

Sprouted Lentils, by Kira

I do a lot of sprouting, especially at this time of year.
We try to hibernate during the Winter and trips to town are few and far between.

Lentils are an easy way to eat something alive and fresh.
I have been buying organic dried lentils bulk so I always have them on hand.
They are easy and quick to sprout.

All you need is:
a large glass jar (I like the 56 oz size) with the lid ring.

A piece of cheese cloth or other loose cloth cut to cover the jar opening.

Organic lentils.
I like to use green lentils, but french lentils work well too.
Note that red lentils will not sprout because they are normally processed.

Rinse your lentils.
I usually rinse enough to fill the jar one third of the way.

Put the lentils in the jar and fill it with water to cover the lentils by about 3cm.
Place the cloth over the jar and screw on the ring.

Let the lentils sit overnight to hydrate.

The next day, pour the water out through the cloth.
Fill the jar with fresh water and pour it back out to rinse the lentils.
Let the jar sit upside down for a few minutes to drain.
You don't want extra water sitting in the bottom of the jar as the lentils may rot.

Rinse the lentils once a day.
They should sprout within a day or two.
I keep my sprouts on the kitchen counter.
If your house is on the warm side you may want to keep your sprouts in the fridge once they have reached the sprouted size you want.

We eat sprouts on sandwiches, in stir frys and one of my favourite ways to eat them is tossed with a little roasted sesame oil and salt.



  1. Yum! Such beautiful photographs Kira (:
    We have been making sprouts too! No lentils though, I shall have to get some. Thank you for giving me the idea (:
    I hope you are staying warm! xo

  2. This is something that I should do, but they just don't really appeal to me. Kind of like taking vitamins. :) But your picture of them are beautiful!