Sunday 20 October 2013

Vermiculture, by Kira

Vermiculture, is also known as composting using red worms in a bin.
Red wigglers are used to turn your kitchen scraps into usable compost for the garden.
Our friends gave us a bucket of worms last week to start our own red wiggler compost; it's exciting!
There are many different ways to set up your worm composter.
I thought I would share how the kids and I set up ours.

Two plastic bins
One lid
Red wigglers
Worm bedding
The two bins will be stacked.
In the upper bin drill six to eight holes into the bottom of the bin.
This will allow the compost tea to drain into the second bin, keeping the bin from getting too wet.
Drill holes all the way around the top of the upper bin (the same bin you drilled the holes into the bottom).
Space the holes an inch or two apart and do two rows.
These are for air circulation.
Stack the bins (the one with all the holes on top).
Put your worms in first. Include some soil for them to wriggle in.
Then add some compost and bedding.
The lid can go on once you are happy with the set up of the inside of your worm bin.
Because I am just new to worm farming I don't have much advice.
But this link is helpful in getting started.


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