Saturday 7 January 2012

Time to Get Down to Business

Here is my first Blog.  I am going to play around a bit so be patient.

This is me.

Working on my first Blog.

One of my commitments to this series is to present a real perspective.
I may shine it up a little, but the truth is the heart of it.

My inspiration is my friend Erin.
That is Erin of Feather + Anchor fame.
She has been blogging for quite a while and is now managing to complete daily posts.
I hope to do the same. 
At this point I will shamelessly enter some keywords:
Homestead Homesteading Sustainable Living Eco Farming Organic Homemade
DIY Canada Ontario Haliburton Permaculture Chickens Pigs Family Children
Wildcraft Preparedness 
Ok.  That will do for a start.
For those willing to go back to the first post, I will give the story behind the name.

  I was looking for something that would promote the searchability of this Blog and catchfully
explain the subject matter.  
  I didn't come up with anything that was shorter than a full sentence.
So, my wife Kira,

Here she is.
                      She is beautiful!

Kira helped me find something that held some meaning and that also has a bit 
of a ring to it.
We live in Canadian Shield country.  That means that the bedrock is never far 
from the surface.  Oftentimes, it is above the surface.  Actually, around these parts,
it is the surface.  For us, it represents a challenge, but also a solid foundation upon
which to build our lives.
We also have lots of blackberries.  Plants over two metres with thorns that will
cut you to ribbons if you are careless.  For us, they represent a challenge when 
working the land.  A reminder that this life is bittersweet; both fruitful and painful.

  So this is a blog about our life here at our home.
  Our home is the place that we are turning into a small farm....
  ....cut out of a bushlot.  
  I call it homesteading, but it is many things more than that.
  This is where we examine our life and share it too.

  Andrew von Zuben

Hey!  We want you to know where we live so that you have some geographical context.
            493 Salmon Lake rd., Gooderham, Ontario, Canada

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  1. So glad you have begun! It takes a while to gain speed, but I think it will be great.
    Yes, I agree. Your wife is lovely :)
    I will let you build up some posts and find your rhythm and then can begin sharing it with my readers and friends as well if you like.
    P.S. I can't leave a comment unless I use my sign in info for may want to have the URL/Website option for commenters. Mike can likely help more with that, but I am sure it is in your settings somewhere.