Sunday 9 December 2012

A Pizza Party

Tim Weatherup of 'Hands on Hogs' fame invited us to join his family and friends for a demonstration of his portable pizza oven and the tasty pizzas that he makes.
This was a hands-on affair of it's own as we were offered pizza dough and a great variety of gourmet toppings to build custom pizzas.
We could even do the cooking if we liked; sliding the uncooked pizza into the hot oven with a paddle and pullling it back out hot, bubbling, golden, and super tasty.

This event was all about kids too, and when they were hungry enough to take a break from playing, they could roll out some dough and create one-of-kind kids' pizzas.
Of course, a plain cheese pizza is just as alluring to picky children as chevre and artichoke pizza is for an adult.

There's not much of a wait for these fresh pizzas.
In under two minutes the crust is crispy and the cheese is bubbly.
They're worth a wait, but even better without one.
Especially when you're eager to get back to playing.

Tim takes his pizza show on the road.
Whether to market or special events, nothing beats hot specialty pizza from a wood-fired oven.
Keep that in mind when you're planning a catered event.

There were countless kids running all about which is noisy but so much fun to watch.
With lots of food and toys on hand, all ages played their hearts out and ate heartily.
For us, it was the chance to make new friends and catch with old ones.

Ms.Fern never misses a beat when the food is great.
She loves to play, but will make sure she stops for snacks.
Auren played the whole time; taking a short break to make a pizza.
Meer found the toys and immersed herself in play and the more than ambient din of happy kids.

We all had a great time.
Another thanks to Tim and family for having us over to a special pizza party!


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