Monday 12 May 2014

The False Morel, by Kira

Hoping to forage our favourite mushroom,
we went out into the forest in search of morels.
We found some, but not the edible kind.
These mushrooms are the false morel.

This particular variety is the Beefsteak Morel (gyromitra esculenta).
A look inside shows a stem that is filled with a cotton-like fibre.
True morels, like the Black Morel (morchella elata) or Yellow Morel (morchella esculenta), are completely hollow up the middle of the stem and throughout the inside.
Also, the stem of the false morel is attached at the very top of the cap only,
but the edible morel has a cap that is fully attached to the stem.
To be sure about eating any wild mushrooms, take a wild mushroom workshop, get comfortable with mushroom field guides, or have a seasoned mushroom forager help in identification before heading out to collect mushrooms.

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