Monday 8 July 2013

Scape & Cashew Pesto, by Kira

70 small garlic scapes chopped
775g raw, lightly toasted cashews
420g asiago cheese, grated
25g sea salt
24 oz of extra virgin olive oil

I made this pesto using a 16 cup Food processor.

Add cheese and cashews to the food processor. Process until all pieces are small and well blended.Empty into a large bowl.

Place the garlic scapes and salt into the processor next. Start processing and while the machine is running slowly add the olive oil. Once this is well blended add the scape mixture into the bowl with the cashew mixture.

Turn and stir until the pesto has come together.

I portioned the pesto out into 200g and froze in individual containers.

This pesto makes a great pizza base. It's tasty spread on fresh bread or in a
pasta, tomato dish.

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